Aqua Art Downloads

We care about our customers. We want to make your work easier. For this purpose we provide our catalogs, product photos, image photos and film shots. We give you our permission to use them in your websites, films or social media under one condition. The publication must be directly related to the Aqua Art brand, to the sale of Aqua Art products, to the promotion of the Aqua Art brand or an event organized by Aqua Art.
If you intend to use our materials in the above ways, please ask us for a login and password to access them, send an email to:

By clicking on the AQUA ART CLOUD logo you will be redirected to a subpage and asked to enter your login and password.
Enter your access data and use Aqua Art materials in accordance with our rules.

Kliknij w logo AQUA ART CLOUD zostaniesz przekierowany na podstronę i poproszony o podanie loginu i hasła.
Podaj dane dostępowe i korzystaj z materiałów Aqua Art z zachowaniem naszych zasad.

Procedure for shipment pick-up

Important! when collecting a courier shipment, follow these steps:

  1. Check the condition of the outer packaging of the shipment very carefully:
    • the quality of the company’s security tape (with the Aqua Art logo) is not interrupted or cut,
    • box condition: damaged, torn, dented, perforated, wet,
    • number of boxes: whether all packages have been delivered or their quantity corresponds to the shipping labels and bill of lading (for multi-package shipments).
  2. If the external appearance of the packaging raises your reservations and heralds damage to the products inside the package? strongly refuse to accept the shipment.
  3. If everything is ok, sign the bill of lading. In the case of Payment Method: Cash on Delivery, transfer the amount due to the courier. Pick up the package, but don’t release the courier just yet!
  4. In the presence of the courier, open the package and check that:
    • the shipment is complete (does the quantity match) ? count the contents of each package by comparing it with the Sales Invoice or Personal Receipt that we sent you together with the package, sticking it to the outside of the package in a foil sleeve.
    • products inside are not damaged.
  5. If the courier doesn’t want to wait, convince him to stay, because he’ll have to come back to write the report anyway.
  6. If you have any reservations, draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier:
    • make sure all form fields are filled in,
    • remember to keep a copy of the protocol for yourself.
  7. Take photos of the damage (even with a mobile phone).
  8. Notify us via e-mail: within 24 hours at the latest:
    • enter the shipment and sales document number,
    • write exactly what happened,
    • include photos you’ve taken as email attachments,
    • attach the scanned damage report as an attachment or send it by fax to: 22 213 83 73.

Only acting in accordance with the above rules will allow for a quick and satisfactory consideration of the complaint.

Express deliveries

We invite stores to place direct orders via e-mail, fax or telephone. Throughout Poland, our goods will go directly to your store within 24 hours. In order to provide price lists, catalogs and detailed information, please contact us directly.

Our preferred form of contact is to send you via e-mail:

  • full company data (registration in the FK system),
  • store contact details (delivery address),
  • contact details of persons delegated to cooperate.

We will send back the product catalog and price lists.
You can also contact us via fax and telephone? we will be happy to answer any questions.