Aqua Art company was founded on over thirty years of experience and knowledge of the founder and owner, Bartłomiej Lipczyński. His works have gained recognition as evidenced by awards in international competitions. Thus, he is among the world’s leading practitioners of aquascaping – the art of creating underwater landscapes.

The Aqua Art company runs its business in two main directions:

  • pproduction and distribution of products for widely understood plant, Dutch and naturalistic aquaristics; details in section Products
  • services in the field of designing, building and servicing underwater gardens in offices, homes, restaurants, etc.; we provide comprehensive services, consulting, designing, making and servicing aquariums


Awards received by Bartłomiej Lipczyński, the owner of Aqua Art company, on international competitions:

  1. Second place in the 2003 Aquabotanic Contest, organized by the US-based Aqua Botanic website.
  2. IX place in The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2003, organized and sponsored by Aqua Design Amano company from Japan. In 2003 the contest attracted 673 entries from 22 countries.
  3. First place in the International Aquascaping Contest 2003, organized by the Aquatic Gardeners Association from the USA, in the category „Very Large Aquatic Garden”.


Aqua Art actively supports and finances projects related to popularization of aquaristics and dissemination of aquaristic knowledge:

  1. We are a sponsor of one of the biggest and most popular Polish aquaristic websites www.holenderskie.pl
  2. We are a sponsor of the Aquarium Department of the Warsaw Zoo www.zoo.waw.pl
  3. We sponsor the International Aquascaping Contest 2007, organized by the Aquatic Gardeners Association from the USA.
  4. We are sponsoring the 3rd International Shrimp Competition, organized by the publisher of Caridina magazine (Dähne Verlag GmbH)
  5. Bartłomiej Lipczyński, owner of the Aqua Art company, is a member of the jury of the International Championships „The Art of the Planted Aquarium” Hannover 2011.